Saturday, October 9, 2010

Am I Expendable material?
I think so.

Hey, I'm back, after a little hiatus there.  Sorry, had to get my head together, deal with some personal crap, real life, etc.  I'm here now, though, and here's one of Ian's awesome freakin' cartoons, circa 2003/4.  
Gone To Earth

Maybe I could get your comments/feedback on this, I'd really appreciate it!  Peace out, homies, I'll be back tomorrow, fo realz.  Sheezy.

Friday, October 1, 2010

A little doodle for the 100+

Well, here's a little chick I drew.  
Alice in Wonderland influence, perhaps?  I guess, I don't know.  I should really ink and color this, maybe for my next post.  Maybe I should draw her nude?  Perverts of the world, let me hear your collective voices!


Woo! You guys rock! I'm at work right now, so this post has to be short, I'll update with a better, more celebratory post later tonight! Just want to say I appreciate it! Kick ass, yo.